March 21

African Animal Yoga

Today we have done our last session of African Animal Yoga. The children have really enjoyed journeying through Africa and taking on the yoga poses of the animals we have imagined we have seen. Today we wore our animal masks and made up our own yoga poses in groups to share with the class for those animals.

After Easter our PE lesson will still be on a Wednesday morning but Mr Taylor and Mr Smith will be taking the class!

February 2

Friday afternoon at Birdwell Primary


Maxine is proud of her puddings, Reception class are recapping their tricky phonics sounds, Year 1 are doing amazing maths, Year 2 are working in their Maths Challenge books whilst Miss Millington videos them doing their Times table Shootouts, Year 3 are writing in their new Remarkable Writing books, Year 4 are performing movement routines in the hall, Year 5 are in Barnsley on a school visit and Year 6 are learning to teach Mr Swallow how to order  large beer in German!

Just a typical end to our week at Birdwell School.

January 30

Look at our brilliant ice sculptures

They look fantastic…


Check out our purple-headed turtle!

20180130-151532.jpgThis is our brilliant polar bear (chilling out!!)


Watch out for our snake!  sssssssssss


The amazing “Rocket Monster from Outer Space”


This is our cuddly Teddy Bear20180130-151611.jpg

Our Snowy Owl’s ears fell off!!!


Our amazing elephant, check out that trunk!!


Our cute Bunny


We had a slight leg malfunction with our dragon.


They were tricky to work with but lots off fun.  read the posts below to find out how we designed and made them.

January 26

Today was the day we made our ice sculptures…

We began our week, looking at famous ice sculptures on the internet with Mrs Barratt and Mr Swallow. Then we looked at all the containers we had collected for making ice shapes.

Mrs Barrott taught us all about the names and properties of 3D shapes so we thought we would try and spot some around the class room. This helped us understand what shapes we could use in our ice sculptures.

We chose a creature to make in our teams and then tried out different containers to see what our sculptures might look like!  We new the names of most of the 3D containers but some were tricky!!!

We then sketched what our creatures would look like and chose the colours for the different body parts. We even had to decide where 2 different shapes would join so that Mr Swallow and Mrs Wright could help us stick a straw in our containers to help us join the pieces together!

We create Book Creator diaries of our build…watch the video playlist to see what we did.