October 26

Year 1 enjoying Year 6 leading P.E!

Here are some photos of year 1 taking part in the year 6 activities which they had designed and set up.

September 20

Circle time in Year 1

We did Circle Time and discussed how words can make us feel. Kind words make us feel soft and fluffy but words that are unkind feel scratchy!

July 16

Bread Making

When we went on our school trip to Worsbrough Mill we found out how flour was made and that we can make many different things from the flour. Today we have used our flour to make bread. To do this we have had to do lots of things. First, we had to mix all our ingredients together, then we had to need our bread. Miss Wright and Miss Bebb then took our bread to prove and bake in the oven. We were so excited when our bread came back, it smelt delicious! We’ve had lots of fun making our bread!