January 19

Amazing Arctic Animal Books

WE have been using the iPads to help us create a special v-book all about arctic creatures.

  • First, we had to use the ipads to find internet pages that gave us facts about our animals.  To do this we used KEY WORDS to find the right pages
  • Then, Mr Swallow showed us how to add extra key words (such as kids, KS1, Primary School) to help make sure the pages we found are safe and the right level for us to be able to understand
  • After that, we used a brilliant OCR reading app.  This let us take a phopto of a page and the computer voice read it out loud to us!  When we heard a good fact we added it to our books.
  • Our books are made on an app called Book Creator.  It lets us record our voices, not just words and pictures.  Check out the V-books we made on Book Creator, based on what we found out from the internet…



A Great big thank you to our friends in Year 5 who helped us with some of the tricky technical bits!!!

January 19

Our arctic animal book

Year 5 came in and helped us with our Arctic animal books. We had lots of fun making and recording our features for the books.
We used book creator to help us make our books and we searched for some pictures for our background on the Internet.

Now we are finally finished, thanks to year 5, and we are proud of what we have done.

January 19

Our arctic animals

We did a book on an Arctic animal and the year five helped us and we found the information off the Internet. We used the book creator