July 1

Visit to the Farm!

Today Year 1 and Reception class have been to Wigfield farm!

We have had a great day meeting all the lovely animals and we even got up close to some reptiles. When we arrived, we got into three groups and each fed the animals, met the reptiles and met some new born piglets.

Take a look at the lovely pictures from our trip!

May 24

Heavy or Light? Weights!

In our maths learning, we have focused on weights and measuring all week!

We have talked about what items are heavier and what items are lighter. We also looked at the items that are equal weight and weigh the same.

We then moved onto weighing items on scales and what heavy, light and equal weights look like on the scales. Then we decided to create our own scales using our bodies!

Take a look!

May 22

Sketching outdoors!

As the weather has been so lovely we decided to do some drawing and sketching of the the natural world around us.

We were learning all about the environment and about planet earth, as our topic is ‘Will humans always live on earth?’. We explored the different natural textures and plants in our environment.

We used sketching pencils to create detail and shade our pictures of leaves and flowers out on the field.


May 16

Amazing Outdoor Learning in the Sun!

We have been doing some amazing measuring work in the sunshine in our playground!

Take at look at how we use rulers and metre sticks to measuring in cm and m!

March 25

Have you seen the Lorax?

We have been reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

How can we look after our planet? What would you do with the last Truffula seed?

The book created lots of discussion about looking after planet Earth. It also had a strong PSHE focus about caring for the environment.

Do we really need a thneed?!

March 10

Investigating materials.

We went around the classroom identifying and labelling different materials. We found glass, wood, metal, plastic and paper.

February 28

Firefighter Visit!

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from a real fire fighter!

We had lots of questions to ask him about what he does for his job, and what equipment he uses to help him in his job.

It was interesting to find out how the equipment is different to the ones used in the Great Fire of London.

Take a look at some of the pictures from his talk!


February 13

Katie in London!

This week our focused reading has been on ‘Katie in London’. We have really enjoyed this amazing book and we have enjoyed linking it to our current topic of the Great fire of London too with all the famous landmarks!

We also looked at the ‘ng’ phoneme and where to find this blend in a word. Take a look at our interactive lessons from this week.

February 7

Showing off our P.E skills!

In P.E this week, we have looked at improving our ball skills. We were throwing and catching the ball and seeing if we could use hand eye co-ordination to help catch the ball.

This increases our motor skills and we have been working on how we cooperate as a team. This improves our sharing and listening skills too!