January 17

London in 1666

We have been learning all about what objects and buildings where around at the time of the Great Fire of London. We have looked at how the houses would have been built and how these would have set on fire easily.

Then we talked about what things people would have used to put out the fire, like fire hooks and leather buckets.

January 10

Creating some Great Fire artwork!

Today we thought about what the fire of London would have looked like when it began in 1666. We described lots of scenes, using adjectives to describe the setting. Then we used our senses to explore the smells and sounds.

We created some amazing artwork based on colour wash and silhouettes of the London skyline in 1666.

Take a look!

January 7

The Great Fire of London!

Welcome to The Great Fire of London!

Our new topic this term will be based around the Great Fire of London. We will be learning about Samuel Pepys Diary, and how they managed to put out the Great Fire!

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October 26

Year 1 enjoying Year 6 leading P.E!

Here are some photos of year 1 taking part in the year 6 activities which they had designed and set up.

September 20

Circle time in Year 1

We did Circle Time and discussed how words can make us feel. Kind words make us feel soft and fluffy but words that are unkind feel scratchy!